Cleaning Kits


  • Significantly reducing services charges
  • Minimise service calls and costly device ship-backs
  • increase equipment performance
  • Prolong print head/sensor lifespan
  • Reduce swipe/reading failure

This Cleaning Kits can be used to clean various terminals, including POS devices, ATM machines, hotel door locks, access controllers, petrol station pump terminals and other swipe and dip terminals. Suitable for industries including retailing, banking, hospitality, logistics and gaming.


Bill Acceptor Cleaning Card 15 cards/box RM 168.30
Card Reader Cleaning Card 40 cards/box RM 178.10
Cleaning Pen 12 pens/box RM 130.70
Thermal Printer Cleaning Card 2" 15 cards/box RM 99.00
Thermal Printer Cleaning Card 3" 15 cards/box RM 110.00

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Cleaning Kits