FAQ – Term of Delivery
What is Sonofax E-shopping or E-Catalogue?
What should I do after registering as member & bank in the payment thru ipay88 for my online orders? Do I just wait for the product(s) to be delivered?
What is the difference between pick-up and delivery?
I register with a pick-up or self-collection option. Can I change it to delivery or vice-versa?
What do the different delivery terms mean?
What is the min order per delivery?
When will my products arrive?
Are products covered by warranty?
What if I receive a defective products?
What if I need to return my products?
What if a product damage upon delivery?
What if my products have not arrived
How do I change my delivery address?
Who delivers my products?
Whom do I contact with questions and concerns about my E-shopping Cart or E-Catalogue enquiries and order related?